Writing For Broadcast: Tips to Consider!

Journalism is an art, and broadcast writing is one of its many forms. But writing a script for television is much different than writing one for an online article or even a newspaper. So when putting a broadcast script together for your audience, you must keep these top 5 tips in mind…

  1. Short? Simple? Sweet! Being creative and being interesting are great, but you have to keep things as to the point and as concise as you possibly can in a broadcast (time isn’t on your side). Grab the audience with a lead-in, and then hit them with the scoop. Sentences go straight to the idea, so if it’s not necessary, it’s not needed!
  2. It’s a Conversation! Again this writing is heard and not read. Your writing needs to engage your audience on a speech-oriented level. TV writing shouldn’t have focus on the writing, but rather on the way that the writing will sound and be understood by an audience.
  3. Subject, Verb, Object! Let’s face it…on-air speech is much clearer and to the point when it is said in an active manner!
  4. One Sentence, One Idea! The last thing you want is for the audience to struggle to understand your story because you are overloading them with way too much at once. Television again is simple, one idea, one short, concise sentence.
  5. Attention-getter! The way to lead your audience in during a broadcast is to hit them with a sentence which prepares them for what you are about to say and sets a framework for the remainder of your story. Think of it like a headline!

If these tips are followed, it greatly improves the quality of the broadcast!

Writing For Broadcast: Tips to Consider!

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