Jane Crook, KC Native, Takes ‘Royal’ Fandom down I-70 to St. Louis

Jane Crook is a Kansas City, Missouri native and has been a fan of the Kansas City Royals her entire life. When she decided to attend Saint Louis University, it meant that she would be drawn away from home, and from the Royals. Despite this absence, she has maintained strong love for the Royals.

Crook is from a baseball-loving family. “Sitting in the seats in the hot sun, dad would bring me a hotdog, and I just loved the chance to watch a game with him. Dad was always there for me when it came to sports,” Crook said. Crook may not have gone to many games with her dad, but when she did she cherished every moment. Baseball gave Crook the sense of comfort and the sense of family she missed after leaving home to attend college at Saint Louis University. “There is something about leaving your hometown that makes you miss it more. Being a Royals fan has been a transformed fandom. Being a Royals fan is loving my city,” Crook said.

Crook’s fondest memory as a fan was the Royals’ success in 2014. She was extremely happy to see her team play in October and see the support and excitement it brought back to her hometown. The Royals won an American League Wild Card spot in 2014, making the playoffs for the first time in 29 seasons. They then won the American League Crown and played against the eventual champion Giants in the World Series.

The Royals have qualified for the 2015 playoffs as champions of the American League Central Division. The Cardinals have also qualified for a spot in the 2015 playoffs, and it is possible that both the Royals and Cardinals might meet in the World Series for the first time since 1985. Crook’s new experience at Saint Louis University has given her the opportunity to wear her Royal blue and show a city known for its loyal fans how Crook, too, is loyal to her hometown Kansas City Royals. Crook understands and appreciates the love of baseball that Saint Louis fans demonstrate. Although she hasn’t been to many games in St. Louis, she knows as a baseball fan that St. Louis is revered for its fans.

Crook had difficulty watching her team after leaving home, but that didn’t stop her from finding out how they were playing. “One of the first things she’d do when I was with her on weekends was check to see how the Royals were doing,” Eric Dansart said. Crook worked with Dansart at a camp over this past summer.

Crook looks forward to watching televised games of the Royals in the 2015 playoffs.

Jane Crook, KC Native, Takes ‘Royal’ Fandom down I-70 to St. Louis

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